TEAMS Venue Booking System

TEAMS Venue Booking System is a user friendly, easy to navigate, hassle free prompt instrument for tackling all the issues of venue booking for any organization.


Why a business needs the TEAMS Venue Booking System

Every organization conducts events like conferences, team meets, training sessions, seminars etc… requiring large spaces like halls, conference rooms, and banquet halls need to be booked. These venues could be in house or booked elsewhere. An employee looks into making all the arrangements of such events. Manual management of these aspects may result in errors. Moreover, managing huge chunks of information for large groups visiting the office or going out may incur a lot of time and hard work.

TEAMS Venue Booking System is an excellent tool for large university campuses, SEZ campuses, IT companies, etc. Through the application of Facility ManagIntelligence, the system not only stores data but also makes it available anytime.


TEAMS Venue Booking System – Key Functionalities

Conference/ Meeting/ Training Room Bookings

TEAMS Venue Booking System offers a provision to record details of booking of internal as well as external conference rooms/ meeting rooms/ training rooms. It will include details such as the guest name, purpose of meeting/ training, to/ from time and date, allocated by, requested by, etc.

Schedule Planner

TEAMS Venue Booking System offers a 52 week calendar and schedule planner to manage bookings for the entire year. Facilitation of a schedule planner encourages the adoption of a pro-active approach towards venue booking and results in hassle-free management.

Central Administration Authority

TEAMS Venue Booking System empowers business owners to have a central administration authority. This central authority can make changes to the database and bookings monitor the database and bookings, generate reports, and analyze data through a full-fledged administrator access level.


What will you get out of TEAMS Venue Booking System?

Linkage to Visitor Management System (VMS)

TEAMS Venue Booking System is a compatible and hassle-free tool. It can be easily integrated with VMS. This enables both the systems to work in liaison with each other. Through such integration, it is possible to maintain a common data base of visitors against the venue booked for visitors for a particular date/ time and purpose.

Information Sharing

The system also enables to share information in a quick and automatic manner. The details of the booking are sent via email and SMS to the contact person and the guest in a proper readable format.

Alerts and Reminders

The system sends auto-alerts a day to few hours prior reminding about the booking that has been done so that the guest does not miss on the booking.


TEAMS Venue Booking System also facilitates generation of reports for all the bookings done for the date range specified.