TEAMS Dashboard

The TEAMS Dashboard provides a means to administrators of viewing a snapshot all relevant data in one place. It enables time saving and allows for focused working only on pertinent issues at any given time.


Why a business needs TEAMS Dashboard

Accurate data insights are the essence of business administration, especially for larger organizations. However, accessing the correct data can be a time consuming and tedious process which can lead to missing out on important data.

The TEAMS Dashboard uses Facility ManagIntelligence to avoid these real issues and allow the user to get an overall view and access to detailed data of any business element with a click on the relevant tab. TEAMS Dashboard is a time saving, accurate, macro and micro data viewing and report generating tool.


TEAMS Dashboard – Key Functionalities

Single shot view

The TEAMS dashboard offers a single shot view of every operational module and the figures and information trending around it thus obviating the need to track different modules separately.

Report generation

Selecting a tab, for e.g. energy consumption, will provide the user with a complete comparison of current energy consumption patterns against budgeted ones as well as against consumption patterns of the same month last year. It also provides a detailed report with respect to equipment, floor, zone and site.

Multiple tabs

The TEAMS Dashboard provides the user with multiple tabs for viewing data and generating data reports. The dashboard will provide tabs like complaints, schedule, KPI, manpower attendance, HSE incidents etc…


What will you get out of TEAMS Dashboard?

One Glance View

Information is a critical element of every business. However, a dashboard view of every bit of that information is even more necessary. TEAMS dashboard gives a view of all the business figures at once, thus saving time and the hassle of going through the details of every tab.

Helps Expedite the Decision-Making Process

Besides providing a complete informatory view, it also helps the management to expedite the information-based decision-making process, thus again, saving time and resources for the organization.

Monitoring Real-Time Data

For instance, you can keep an eye on the energy consumption patterns, live PPM/ AMC schedules etc… on a real-time basis. Information is continuously updated on the dashboard, thus avoiding delays in information dissemination and late decisions.


This feature enables you to generate detailed reports associated with various business elements, thus serving as an aid towards business analysis and making informed decisions, based on the real-time information available.