TEAMS Visitor Management System

TEAMS Visitor Management System is a comprehensive solution for all the concerns pertaining to visitor movements, visit, meeting, and schedules in an organisation.


Why a business needs the TEAMS Visitor Management System

Now – a – days, organisations generate and handle serious business data and need to safeguard this data constantly. This makes it imperative for them to have in place proper security procedures and protocols. Also they have to ensure that these are properly adhered to without causing any hindrance to their day to day activity or creating any security issues.

Also, with increase in the size of markets, the volume of business handled by companies has increased. This has led to increase in visitors on the company campus. In such a scenario, it will be time consuming to manually manage the records of visitors coming in. Also, at times could be inaccurate and prone to errors. However, a system based approach towards visitor management eradicates the possibilities of errors and document all the visitor related details. TEAMS Visitor Management System, with its Facility ManagIntelligence is a perfect solution.


TEAMS Visitor Management System – Key Functionalities

Recording Visitor Movements

Monitoring and recording of visitor movements is one of the most primary functionalities of TEAMS Visitor Management System. This functionality enables the security personnel to record the inward as well as the outward movement of visitors. Apart from this, for new visitors, the system opens up a form wherein the personal details, contact details, company details and meeting details, along with the visitor’s photograph can be recorded in the system.

Documenting Information

Based on the information fed, the system captures mandatory visitor details such as serial number, date of visit, name of the visitor, mobile phone number, department details, and details of the person to be met, extra remarks, and validity of the security pass, in-time, and finally, an option to print the record. Additionally, TEAMS Visitor Management System monitors the outflow of visitors.

Schedule Planner

Through the planner option of TEAMS Visitor Management System, you can pro-actively record the details of a visitor who is scheduled to visit the organization on a particular date. Mandatory details such as the name, department to be visited, person to be met, date of visit, in-time and out-time can be recorded.

Making Amendments to the Database

TEAMS Visitor Management System enables you to make amendments to the visit details through the edit visit option. Editing the visit details can be done through a simplified process. The user clicks on the ‘edit visit’ option to make changes to the visit. The next step is to select the visit and make the necessary amendments. The last step is to save the amendments.

Visitor and Planner Report

In order to keep a track and analyze the details of visitor movements and the meetings and/ or visits planned for a specific duration, the system facilitates generation of visitor and planner reports respectively. Reports can be generated based on the visitor number, the person to be met, and locations and by specifying a date range.


TEAMS Visitor Management System is a compatible and hassle-free tool. It can be easily integrated with the TEAMS Venue Booking System so that both the systems work in liaison with each other and maintain a common data base of visitors against the venue booked for visitors for a particular date/ time and purpose.