TEAMS Training Management System

TEAMS Training Management System is an all inclusive solution to all the concerns regarding training employees for an organisation.


Why a business needs the TEAMS Training Management System

Organisations have to ensure consistent and high-quality service standards in training related to facilities like cleaning, DG maintenance, chillers, etc. and therefore it is imperative for them to invest time and cost in employee training.

They need high-class training sessions which ensure smooth running of the facility. It is necessary to introduce a training management system that takes care of all the important aspects of training. TEAMS Training Management System is a system that fulfills this requirement through various functionalities embedded in it.


TEAMS Training Management System – Key Functionalities

Document Compatibility

TEAMS Training Management System is compatible enough to upload any kind of document such as PDF, jpeg image, MP3 audio file, etc. This feature supports the use of compatible and effective document forms, in order to enhance the overall training experience.

Training Sub-Categories

TEAMS Training Management System also facilitates creating and uploading an infinite number of training sub-categories and training related files. This functionality is available in both, web-based and mobile based form. However, training sub-categories can be added based on the scenario and the requirement.

52-Week Yearly Schedule Planner

The system also facilitates a 52 week schedule planner. Through this, the concerned department/ person can upload a training schedule for the entire year anywhere and anytime. This facilitates advanced planning and scheduling of any and all the training activities in the organization.


TEAMS Training Management System helps you to generate a comprehensive generic as well as specific training report for the specified date range. These reports serve as a training tracker; help you to analyze the data. For instance, you can figure out how many training sessions on a particular subject and department were conducted during the entire year/ specified date range.


TEAMS Training Management System is customizable to match the customer’s requirement. TEAMS can add/ modify/ reduce functionalities as and how the requirement is.

Mobile App

TEAMS Training Management System is available through a fully functional web-based application as well as a comprehensive mobile app. The mobile app not only supports the above functionalities but also supports functionalities tailored to client’s needs.