TEAMS Survey Management System

An all inclusive survey management system that simplifies and automates survey activities involved in market research of an organisation.


Why a business needs the TEAMS Survey Management System

Companies conduct surveys to gain real time data from all its stakeholders about any important issues. This data is then analyzed giving the organisation coherent information regarding the issue helping identify pain points, priority concerns so on and so forth.

The company then can further utilize this information for new product development, upgrade existing one, give better services, understanding employee grievances etc…

TEAMS Survey Management System helps not only in conducting a survey but also doing the further analysis. It offers other functionalities that are beneficial for the surveys of large IT organizations, hotels, manufacturing companies, etc. With its Facility ManagIntelligence, the system can be tailored to ensure that the surveys are aligned with the company’s specific requirements.


TEAMS Survey Management System – Key Functionalities

Capability to Conduct Various Surveys

At TEAMS, we understand that every survey demands a different arrangement. It involves different aspects and may require the capability to manage surveys of different types and different volumes. Considering this fact, TEAMS Survey Management System is designed in a way to manage any and every kind of survey, based on the survey and the client’s requirements.

Survey Reports

Survey report functionality offered by TEAMS Survey Management System is particularly useful for annual analysis of all the surveys conducted. It helps you understand data trends, recurring data/ reasons for dissatisfaction within the employees and customers, the intensity of the concern, etc. The system enables you to carry out a department wise, floor wise, section wise, employee-specific analysis so that you can address the concern with that particular unit.

Survey Templates

TEAMS Survey Management System empowers you to create your own survey templates and integrate the format with a mobile phone. Besides, the system also facilitates you to conduct any kind of survey based on the requirement and the business scenario.