TEAMS Student Room Reservation System

An all in one system provides a relief, to the administration departments of large educational institutes, from their room reservation woes.


Why a business needs the TEAMS Student Room Reservation System

Large educational institutes like medical colleges, engineering college and management colleges have massive campuses. A huge number of students and faculty attain these places and usually prefer to maintain a temporary residence there for perhaps a couple of years or so.

In such scenarios, manually maintain the data of room reservation at times becomes a laborious task. The administrative department has to maintain records of rooms available, rooms allocated, names of the occupants etc… often resulting into errors. To avoid such issues, TEAMS Student Room Reservation System is an end – to – end system to manage and maintain these records. Using Facility ManagIntelligence, this system helps administration department in making the reservation system of rooms / bungalows a hassle free job.


TEAMS Student Room Reservation System – Key Functionalities

Room Booking

TEAMS Student Room Reservation System, through the entire inventory, shows all the available rooms and helps the user to book a room/ bungalow for a particular student or a teacher. In some cases, especially in large management institutions, mid-age students and teachers stay in the college premises for a couple of years or more. Such people prefer staying with their families. TEAMS facilitates bungalow/ apartment booking for multiple people/ group of people.

Schedule Planner

TEAMS Student Room Reservation System offers a 52-week calendar and schedule planner to manage bookings for the entire year. Facilitation of a schedule planner encourages the adoption of a pro-active approach towards student room reservations thus resulting in minimal hassles.

Central Administration Authority

TEAMS Student Room Reservation System empowers administrators or venue owners to have a central administrative authority. This central authority can make changes to the database and bookings department can monitor the database and bookings, generate reports, and analyze data through a full-fledged administrator access level.

Integration with Visitor Management System (VMS)

TEAMS Student Room Reservation System can be easily integrated with Visitor Management System. This enables both the systems to work in mutual coordination. Through such integration, it is possible to maintain a common database of visitors against the room/ bungalow/ apartment booked for visitors/ students/ teachers for a particular date/ date range/ time and purpose.


What will you get out of TEAMS Student Room Reservation System?

Information Sharing

The system also facilitates information sharing in a prompt and an automated manner. The details of the booking are shared via email and SMS to the contact person and the guest in a proper readable format.

Alerts and Reminders

The system sends auto-alerts a day to few hours prior reminding about the booking that has been done so that the guest does not miss on the booking.


TEAMS Student Room Reservation System also enables generation of reports for all the bookings done for the date range specified.