TEAMS Space Management System

TEAMS Space Management System is an innovative approach towards space management. An end – to- end solution to an organisations space management worries.


Why a business needs the TEAMS Space Management System

Today, businesses have huge complexes employing a large number of personnel. The major concern of these organisations is managing the seating capacity of these employees. This aspect of administration becomes a huge hassle when there is an influx of new recruits, replacements, the requirement of training and conference rooms, etc.

Large organisations like IT companies, BPOs, corporate offices, etc. are often confronted with space management issues. The basic aspects to consider while thinking of space management are people, data, space and organizational hierarchy. This enables the system to prioritize space allocations. Through Facility ManagIntelligence, TEAMS Space Management System allows business owners/ office administrators to ensure optimal space utilization in an efficient and hassle-free manner.


TEAMS Space Management System – Key Functionalities

Space Identification

TEAMS Space Management System uses auto CAD drawing to identify the occupied/ vacant seats, cubicles, cabins, etc. The system assigns color codes for every status i.e. occupied/ vacant and helps the allocator assign the space accordingly. Besides, through TEAMS Space Management System creates and manages space inventory.

Auto CAD Overlay

TEAMS Space Management System also enables overlaying for auto CAD. This further facilitates linking the Auto CAD drawings to the system database, that auto-connects the space management system with the office/ venue layout.

Conference/ Training Rooms Management

Large IT setups, outsourcing organizations, etc. house a large number of training and conference rooms on the premises. Manual management of these facilities may result in clashes and subsequently, delay business. However, TEAMS Space Management System wipes out these challenges and ensures timely allocation of conference/ meeting/ training rooms.

Report Generation

TEAMS Space Management System facilitates generation of reports that give a detailed view and status of all the allocated, vacant and occupied, to be allocated, past allocation, along with the details of the employee, department, technology, from/to date and time under which the allocation is done/ to be done/ had been done in the past. Moreover, TEAMS Space Management System also generates general, graphical and text form reports as the need be.


TEAMS Space Management System also provides a 52-week schedule-planner in order to schedule space, conference rooms, training rooms, and cabins. Such a pro-active approach towards space management helps the organizations plan a lot of business meets in an efficient way.


What will you get out of TEAMS Space Management System?

Following are some good reasons why TEAMS space management system is apt for your organization.