TEAMS Printing Service System

TEAMS Printing Service System is a comprehensive system, designed to help large-scale organizations reduce printing costs, analyze printing reports and empower them to make analytical decisions.


Why a business needs the TEAMS Printing Service System

Now – a – days large scale organisations operate in multiple floor facilities employing thousands of employees and using a large number of printers. Each day numerous documents are printed or copied. With hundreds of documents printed and copied, the organisation needs to track the cost associated with the varying range of paper used.

Organisations, today, need to use resource, including paper, optimally. In such a scenario TEAMS Printing Service System, with its Facility ManagIntelligence, manage multiple printing devices and the huge manpower that utilize them. This system not only helps you in identifying the printing cost and building it to individual users but also help in taking positive steps towards supporting a clean and green environment.


TEAMS Printing Service System – Key Functionalities

Paper Usage Activity

TEAMS Printing Service System classifies the usage of papers by the purpose of printing. Not only this but through TEAMS you can also determine the usage of papers floor wise, department wise, area wise and by every individual machine.

Activity Based Cost

Multipurpose printers enable multiple activities such as printing, copying, scanning, and others. By determining the number of papers along with paper types (colored, black and white, single-sided usage, double-sided usage, etc.) used for each activity, TEAMS Printing Services System helps you compute the printing cost incurred through each machine, each floor and the reasons behind it. Knowing the reasons helps you to figure out the excess usage/ wastage of papers if any.

Report Generation

TEAMS Printing Services System is capable of generating a generic as well as a user, floor, machine, area-specific report for printing services on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. This helps you to have a comprehensive view of various factors that have contributed to the printing costs. Not only this, but TEAMS also helps its customers with customized systems that enable analytical solutions. For instance, a single-sided print could have saved cost had it been double-sided. This is possible when business owners perform a careful study of the report parameters.


What will you get out of TEAMS Printing Service System?

TEAMS Printing Services System is one of the best printing services system in the business because of the following reasons.