TEAMS Performance Management System

In the modern world, high employee turnover and attrition rates reflect badly on the organization’s image. Moreover, these have become costly affairs. Therefore, employee satisfaction and retention have turned out to be vital factors contributing to an organization’s success.

However, often employers are confronted with the tools/ systems that help them to monitor measure and compute the performance of their employees or departments. Keeping the above in consideration, and looking at the need of the hour, TEAMS has developed a performance management system. TEAMS performance management system proves helpful in many ways. Let us look at the some of the functionalities of this system.


TEAMS Performance Management System – Key Functionalities

The performance management system created by TEAMS offers the below functionalities.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Performance is often measured through based on some parameters known as key performance indicators. In this tab, the user can add a performance record for each department and each month. TEAMS facilitates a few performance indicators. An aggregate score of all these parameters determines the department’s (for instance – engineering, HVAC, electrical, etc.) performance. Some of the performance indicators include.

Based on the client’s needs TEAMS can add customized indicators to this list.

Rating System

Based on the score weight assigned to each parameter and the rating is given, the system calculates the total score and displays it at the bottom of the screen in the total score tab. It also displays the star rating against the score, indicating excellent, very good, good, average and poor performance. The user can also write free flow comments to indicate any additional remarks, reasons, improvement measures, the name of the employee, etc.


Business owners can extract performance reports for each month and each department that further could act as a key enabler to determine the department’s performance.

The customized nature of TEAMS performance management system gives it a competitive edge and makes it one of the best systems in the market. Besides, our team of experts To know more about TEAMS performance management system, please write to us at or call us at +91 7767933119.