TEAMS Manpower Management System


Why a business needs the TEAMS Manpower Management System

Manpower management, to a large extent, contributes towards business management. Despite the fact that optimal and prudent usage of machines, equipment, system and tools yield the desired output, it is people/ manpower that contribute to most of it. Hence, it is necessary to adopt a system based approach towards manpower management.

TEAMS manpower management system brings to you some incomparable features simplifying and streamlining the attendance part of manpower management. Let us look at the features of TEAMS manpower management system.


TEAMS Manpower Management System – Key Functionalities

All Shift Attendance Management

Once the user signs into the system, it opens up a dashboard that shows the organization’s name, vendor department drop-down list that includes AC supervisor, BMS, AFM, electrical operations and maintenance operator, plumbing vendor, etc. Subsequently, the user can select the month and the year and view the status.
The dashboard also shows the status of all shifts. Clicking on a particular shift further shows another dashboard that shows the department name, shift number/ name, the total number of people scheduled to be on the shift for a particular activity and the number of people actually present. Besides, the system also facilitates a view of the reading date.
Similarly, the system displays the record for the other shifts as well.

Employee Details

Another added feature of TEAMS manpower management system is the name of the employees on-shift and the name of the absent employees.

This feature helps the supervisor/ manager/ business owner to know the name and number of employees working in the office premises in events of exigencies, shut-down, mock drills, etc.


TEAMS manpower management system helps to generate a comprehensive attendance report that generates generic as well as specific records based on a particular year, month, shift and department.

TEAMS manpower management system is particularly useful for manufacturing units, work-shops, electrical and maintenance department of hotels, colleges, IT companies, etc. TEAMS also renders customized solutions along with a strong and dedicated technical support team ensuring smooth functioning of the system. To know more about TEAMS manpower management system, write to us at or call us at +91 7767933119.