TEAMS Lease Management System

An end – to – end system which delivers customized web-based and mobile app solutions depending on the customer’s lease aspects of your property requirements.


Why a business needs the TEAMS Lease Management System

Landlords and property managers often lease out multiple properties. They need proper system to manage and maintain the various aspects of leasing property. The lessor has to keep a track of various factors like the type of lease, rent, details of lessee, and terms of deal among others.

A system based approach towards lease management will ensure that all these factors are well taken care off. Our expert pool of individuals have designed and developed TEAMS Lease Management System which will cater to all the customer’s requirements.


TEAMS Lease Management System – Key Functionalities

Lease Agreement Management

TEAMS Lease Management System facilitates management of the lease agreement held between the owner of the facility and tenant. This involves lease clauses such as lease duration, monthly lease amount, lease expiration date, monthly lease dates, lease renewal data, etc. Moreover, the system ensures that the information remains safe and secure.

Lease Management

For owners who are involved in leasing multiple properties, at times, it becomes difficult to know the status of the leased properties. TEAMS offers you an extra-ordinary lease management system that helps you in electronic signatures, rental applications, property marketing, document storage, lease invoicing, billing cycle, SOP etc.

Licensee Mapping

To keep a track of a particular office allocated to particular client, TEAMS Lease Management System also provides licensee mapping through CAM system. Licensee mapping also helps the building owner to be aware of the details of the office owner.

Business Intelligence

TEAMS Lease Management System also enables the property owner to determine the volume of occupancy and non-occupancy for each property. Through this functionality, property owners can also determine the average per square feet, along with a trend analysis enabling them to understand increments or reductions in the average rent per year.


What will you get out of TEAMS Lease Management System?

Auto Notifications

TEAMS Lease Management System facilitates automatic alerts and notifications pertaining to the various factors of property leasing like terms of rent, end duration of lease, time for collection of rent etc. through SMS/ email.

Advanced Reporting System

TEAMS Lease Management System helps you generate a lot of advanced and accurate reports in a prompt manner. The user simply has to specify the required details and generate the required reports. Reports are available in a graphical as well as tabular format.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

TEAMS Asset Management facilitates a reduction in the costs involved in Annual Maintenance Contracts. Besides, the system also provides site wise equipment AMC details, reminders and schedule. So you are always on the winning side when it comes to your varied AMCs.

Auto Calculation

TEAMS Asset Management facilitates auto calculation of the current value of assets and also the depreciation value of the same. This is an important forecasting and strategic planning tool for the growth and expansion of your business.

Auto Escalation

Through TEAMS Asset Management, the system raises an auto-escalation for the failure or breakdown of critical equipment. This is an invaluable feature, since you save valuable time, money, costs and resources post a breakdown.

Vendor Management

With TEAMS Asset Management you can maintain and monitor key performance indicators (KPI) for asset vendors and suppliers. Such a mechanism enables your business to achieve optimum results out of your vendors/ suppliers. This eventually contributes towards improved work flow and better business efficiencies.

Data Accuracy

TEAMS Asset Management helps you achieve high standards of data accuracy and consistency without any manual intervention. And all of us know, knowledge is power, data is king!