TEAMS Inventory Management System

A unique and comprehensive inventory management system which serves all the inventory requirements of large as well as small set ups.


TEAMS Inventory Management System – Key Functionalities

Unique Coding System

TEAMS Inventory Management System creates and assigns a unique code to each and every inventory item. TEAMS thus simplifies the identification and classification process of the inventory. Besides this TEAMS Inventory Management System also facilitates QR code tagging.

Management of all the Inventory Items

Another vital functionality offered by TEAMS Inventory Management System is that it assists in tracking, maintaining and overall management of all the inventory items. It includes the consumables, soft service items as well as technical service items. Through TEAMS you can keep a record of all your inventory items and exercise better control of the associated costs.

Minimum Stock Point

Identifying and maintaining a minimum stock point is an important facet of inventory management. TEAMS Inventory Management System sets an automated reminder for minimum stock points and generation of work orders.

Inventory Consumption Tags

TEAMS Inventory Management System creates tags for inventory consumption based on maintenance, request, consumables and others.

Returning and Issuing Items

TEAMS Inventory Management System also facilitates returning and issuing items under warranty.

Indent and MNR Facility

Another additional functionality offered by TEAMS Inventory Management System is the indent and MNR facility.


What will you get out of TEAMS Inventory Management System?

TEAMS Inventory offers a complete inventory management system that offers a number of benefits.


A timely comparison of the budgeted versus the planned inventory consumption, gives a detailed insight on overutilization as well as under-utilization of the inventory against the planned one. Through this benefit, TEAMS enables better management of your inventory and control over the consumption of inventory at all points in time.

Consumption Patterns

TEAMS Inventory Management System enables you to understand the consumption patterns for consumable items. An understanding of the consumption patterns help you identify the areas wherein there is excess usage/ under-utilization or if there is any to increase/ decrease inventory purchase for a particular consumable item.

Checking Smaller Items

While it is the larger items that are prioritized against the smaller ones, with TEAMS Inventory Management System, you can also monitor smaller items covered under warranty. Thus TEAMS enables you to keep an eye and control on all the items under the inventory.

Inventory Consumption Mapping

Another benefit availed out of TEAMS Inventory Management System is the mapping of inventory consumption based on property mapping. This benefit enables you to keep an eye on the inventory consumption and requirement at each location.

Discarding Items

At times, it happens that some obsolete items are still lying in the stock post the expiry date, or occupying space despite being useless and having complete the life-cycle. Such items need to be tracked and discarded to make way for the new stock. TEAMS Inventory Management System helps you track such items and discard them.