TEAMS Housekeeping Management System

An app – based service to relieve you and your company of the challenges faced in housekeeping management.


Why a business needs the TEAMS Housekeeping Management System

For any facility, maintaining the aesthetics, hygiene and cleanliness is undertaken by housekeeping. For large enterprises, IT companies, hospitals, hostels, hotels, college/ university buildings, etc. cleanliness and hygiene are top priorities, given the fact that a large number of people work, visit and use the place.

Typically, daily housekeeping activities involve washroom cleaning, corridor cleaning, employee area, cleaning VIP cabins early in the morning, cleaning the lobby, and the reception area. These services are scheduled on an hourly basis for a particular time-frame, say 12 hours during the entire day. The frequency of cleaning may vary depending on the area of use. Usually, a team of housekeeping staff, overseen by a couple of supervisors, manages the housekeeping activities. TEAMS Housekeeping Management System simplifies the housekeeping management task through the application of Facility ManagIntelligence. Scroll down to know how!


TEAMS Housekeeping Management System – Key Functionalities

Preventive Planning Maintenance Schedules

The system facilitates a comprehensive view of the entire shift schedule, along with the working frequency. It shows you the block name/ number, the floor number, cleaning zone, the department (in this case, it will housekeeping), the sub-group will show you area to be cleaned, for instance, gents wash room, ladies wash room, common area, etc. the equipment that is assigned/ will be used, the PPM number, scheduled date, the frequency of work (whether hourly, weekly, monthly, etc.), the status of work (whether assigned, pending, closed, etc.), and finally, the staff member name who is going to perform the work.
This gives a complete picture of the scheduled work thus simplifying the work for the supervisor or the shift in-charge.

Managing Changes/ Amendments

Unforeseen situations that crop up at the last minute may call for amendments to the pre-arranged schedule. Making manual changes may have the supervisor running around to manage the gaps. However, with TEAMS Housekeeping Management System, managing and making changes is not a herculean task anymore. The tabular PPM schedule shows you the details of the entire shift. Moreover, the system allows you to make changes through the ‘assign’ and ‘re-assign’ tab. Through these tabs, you can make changes, shuffle staff based on the requirement.


The app-based nature of TEAMS Housekeeping Management System makes it easier for supervisors to open the work checklist on their mobile phones anywhere and anytime. The checklist comprises of checks such as washing of car park area, washing of water bodies, staircase scrubbing, scrubbing of lift lobby, etc. In order to inspect the area, the supervisor can physically visit the area and start ticking the checklist on his mobile phone through the mobile app. He/ She can also add comments/ observations if any, in the observations/ remarks column.

Additional Features

TEAMS Housekeeping Management System also provides additional features such as a visits tab displaying or managing the supervisory visits. And, it also facilitates opening a detailed job card that entails all the task aspects such as who performed it, equipment/ tools used, date and time, the area that was cleaned, the name of the supervisor and so on.


Another essential feature of this system is its ability to generate reports. The detailed reports generated out of this system are useful during reviews carried out throughout the year. These reports also help the vendor management team to carry out various types of data analysis.


What will you get out of TEAMS Housekeeping Management System?

Some of the strong reasons as to why you should choose this system are listed below.