TEAMS Helpdesk Management System

An industry specific helpdesk management system, TEAMS Helpdesk Management System is developed by the best in industry, to automate your helpdesk management tasks. It yields accurate results every time reducing the manual workload of engineering and/ or back end service requests.


Why a business needs the TEAMS Helpdesk Management System

The market today is growing by leaps and bounds and businesses have an increase in volume making helpdesk management a vital part of the functioning of any organisation. Manually managing helpdesk in such conditions is no less than a herculean task!

TEAMS Helpdesk Management System employs Facility ManagIntelligence to assist in the assignment, re-assignment of recurring requests, escalations and concerns through real-time system information. This system operates on the block, floor and zone concept. TEAMS Helpdesk Management System also helps in managing workflow and track and measure services levels based on the responses.


TEAMS Helpdesk Management System – Key Functionalities

Services Requests

TEAMS ensures that all your concerns associated with helpdesk management such as request generation to request resolution are taken care of. TEAMS has categorized helpdesk requests into three categories: total facility management (TFM) (hard and soft Services, transportation and security), back-office service request and engineering service requests. Let us look at the table below to understand this functionality in a better way.

Helpdesk management System
TFM Requests Engineering Requests Back Office Requests
Complete SLA based helpdesk management system. Requests principally associated with third party outsourced services. Raising TAT based requests for hard and soft services. Requests associated with assets, equipment, installations, shutdown/breakdown activities, HVAC, plumbing, etc. This service system is useful to document requests associated with facility service providers and manpower providers.
Ability to raise and segregate requests by user location. Ability to render technical assistance in requests, auto-escalate issues. Site level issues for facility manpower management can be raised through this service system.
Useful for helpdesk, internal and external clients, technicians and service providers. Inventory management system – in built, escalation management system – in built. Requests include absenteeism, shoes, ID card, uniform, salary, level of work etc.
Applicable in departments such as house-keeping, AMC, horticulture, pest control and engineering. Facilitation of history card including aspects such as requests, PPM, AMC, etc. Auto escalation to vendors.

Inventory Consumption

TEAMS Helpdesk Management facilitates complete management of inventory consumption from store with mobile app integration.

Mobile App

The mobile app with various accessibility and features enables access to requests anywhere and anytime. All the external, internal customers, management team, and all the employees along with the employees from the facility team can be given an access to the TEAMS Helpdesk Management mobile app. TEAMS’s fully equipped mobile app also helps you track the request status and receive updates. For instance, in an organization, a mobile app enables all the employees to raise a request, and on the other hand, enables all the technicians/ supervisors to close the same request, thus rendering a simplified and paperless process.

Auto Escalation

You do not have to wait to get to the nearest computer to escalate an issue. TEAMS Helpdesk Management enables auto escalation through mobile app, SMS and email services.

Multi-User Login

With multiple users login comprised of different access levels, TEAMS Helpdesk Management system ensures security and manages request and escalations in the most appropriate manner.

Maintaining KPIs

Through TEAMS Helpdesk Management System, you can also maintain division wise and performance wise KPIs. TEAMS will thus help you make more informed business decisions.

Multiple Request Options

The multiple request options of TEAMS Helpdesk Management System enables the user to perform multiple activities such as new request, assign, re-assign, work in progress, on-hold, escalate, clear and finally, closure. Further, this can be customized based on the client’s requirement.

Request Conversion

Another important function of the TEAMS Helpdesk Management System is the request conversion facility which enables the switching of any facility request to an engineering service request.

Request Raising in 3 Clicks or 3 Seconds

TEAMS has developed an industry specific helpdesk management system. For the hotel industry, in particular, TEAMS has developed a CMS, which will enable the helpdesk to receive, register and assign complaints. Requests are classified into four types as guest room requests, TFM requests, engineering requests and back office requests. Requests are received, saved and allocated in 3 simple steps and in 3 seconds. Select the type of request – for instance, if it is a guest room request, then select guest room request, followed by the room number, the complaint type and then click on save. The saving action assigns the request to the hotel’s technician with a pre-defined TAT.


What will you get out of TEAMS Helpdesk Management System?

When you apply Facility ManagIntelligence to your helpdesk management, here’s how you benefit!

Live Tracking

In order to ensure timely service and adherence to SLA, TEAMS helps to track the live status of requests escalations levels.

Manpower Deployment

Through TEAMS Helpdesk Management System, you can keep track of the manpower deployed against the request types and performance.

Increased Involvement and Accountability

Through the automation of requests, TEAMS ensures increased involvement and accountability of your in-house as well as outsourced services.

Predictive and Analytics Report

TEAMS facilitates a brilliant predictive and analytics report to understand actual versus planned request completion, request variations, key areas of concern, repetitive request types, complete SLA for departments and sub-departments within soft and hard services.

Identifying Areas of Concern

Through TEAMS you can generate reports based on property mapping to determine the areas of concern.

Performance Index

TEAMS Helpdesk Management also facilitates performance index for the entire deployed manpower, outsourced services and departments.


TEAMS Helpdesk Management enables you to raise a TAT or SLA based escalation through mobile app notifications or email.

Time and Motion Analysis

Through TEAMS Helpdesk Management, you can perform a time and motion analysis for helpdesk management.

Request Tracking

Through TEAMS Helpdesk Management, you can keep a track of requests related inventory consumption and property mapping according to the departments and request type. The biggest advantage that you can get out TEAMS Helpdesk Management is the ticketing system that enables request tracking and redress.

Report Generation

The helpdesk management system can also generate reports such as TFM requests report, back office requests report, engineering requests report, guest room requests report, department requests report and the requests history report.