TEAMS Health and Safety System

TEAMS Health & Safety System is an end-to-end solution to encourage the best health and safety practices and deal with all health & safety related requirements of any organisation.


Why a business needs the TEAMS Health and Safety System

Health and safety is a basic requirement of any organisation as it is directly linked to the well being all its stakeholders, procedures and management. Safe and healthy work environment makes for a happy employee which further translates into satisfied customers. It is also required in keeping with the standard practices.

TEAMS Health and Safety System offers a complete solution for all your health and safety requirements. By putting Facility ManagIntelligence into use, it helps to track, manage and monitor all the aspects of health and safety in large and small organizations’ alike.


TEAMS Health and Safety System – Key Functionalities

Recording Incidents

TEAMS Health and Safety system ensures recording of all the health & safety incidents. TEAMS aids you in recording incidents, near miss events, along with spotting an unsafe act or situation.

Root Cause Analysis

To cease repetitive occurrences of any health & safety issues, TEAMS Health and Safety System assists you with root cause analysis of every issue raised. Thus TEAMS helps you with a comprehensive understanding of the health & safety issues and implements corrective measures.

Standard Work Processes

TEAMS Health and Safety System assists in maintaining standard working processes for employee reference and training. This ensures uniformity in the understanding of standard health & safety procedures among all the employees.

Work Permits

TEAMS Health and Safety System issues work permits for cold work, electrical work, confined space entry, height working, hot work permit and transmittal form.

Work Permits and Regulatory Compliance

TEAMS Health and Safety System records and certifies all the details required to conduct work, for instance, personal protective equipment (PPE) requirement, employee name, licenses involved and the validity of each and every work permit.


What will you get out of TEAMS Health and Safety System?

When you apply Facility ManagIntelligence to ensure health and safety, here’s how you benefit!

Mobile App

Delays in reporting health and safety issues could aggravate a problem leading to an unpleasant situation. However, with TEAMS Health and Safety mobile app, raising and recording a health and safety incident becomes quick, thus prompting for a quick corrective action. Users can also log the report themselves with a photograph of the concerned site.

Health & Safety Analytics

TEAMS Health and Safety System also works as an analytical tool for repetitive health & safety concerns. Thus TEAMS helps you to take the necessary measures to avoid recurring health & safety events.

Locating Key Concern Areas

With TEAMS Health and Safety System, you can also locate the key areas of concern at a particular site through property mapping. Through this features, TEAMS helps you to identify trouble areas, gauge the impact size, prioritize concerns and therefore strengthen the health & safety aspect of your organisation.

Work Permit and Regulatory Adherence

Since TEAMS Health and Safety System facilitates the issuance of work permits and adherence to the regulatory compliances, you will not have to worry about non-compliance of guidelines and issuance of non-compliant work permits.

Health & Safety Tickets

TEAMS Health and Safety System also encourages the employees to log the health and safety tickets through their mobile phones. Raising tickets through the mobile phones is not only quick but also prevents delays in reporting and health & safety issues, if any.