Hotel Guestroom Complaint Management System

The TEAMS Guestroom Complaint Management System provides hotels a means of recording and processing all complaints systematically and on time.


Why a business needs the TEAMS Guestroom Complaint Management System

It is not enough for hotels to provide excellent service, guestrooms and facilities. Even with all of these provided a hotel can face a loss of customers. One of the main reasons for this is the hotel’s inability to deal with complaints in a timely and efficient manner.

The TEAMS Guestroom Complaint Management System allows the hotel to record all complaints that are lodged as well as streamlining the process of rectification such complaints. It also helps in pinpointing areas with recurring problems as well as generating complaint related reports for evaluating the need for further action.


TEAMS Guestroom Complaint Management System – Key Functionalities
TEAMS offer a Facility ManagIntelligence based system that eradicates the need for the guests to follow up on complaints lodged by them. Here are some features offered through this system.

Allocation of Guestroom Complaint

Once a complaint raised by a guest with the reception is registered on the helpdesk it automatically allocates the complaint to the appropriate department or technician against the correct room number. The complaint could be client defined. TEAMS also provides a comprehensive range of complaints from room service to technical.

TAT Integration

The TAT, as specified by the hotel, would be integrated into the system. Based on the status update received from the technical team or the concerned department, the helpdesk would close the complaint or update its status accordingly, so that the line managers and departmental heads can view the latest live status at all times.

Generation of Reports

TEAMS helps you generate detailed analytical reports of all the complaints received within a specific period of time. The report includes every single parameter necessary to analyze the information and to identify trends if any. These reports are at the disposal of the concerned authorities at any point in time.


What will you get out of the TEAMS Guestroom Complaint Management System?

A fully-loaded system, TEAMS guest room complaint management system is an easy to use product that reaps a lot of benefits for the hotel, some of which are mentioned below.

Complaint Allocation

Allocation of guest room complaints to the concerned department/ technical team against the correct room number.

Complaint Tracking

Live tracking of complaints with updating of status based on latest reports.

TAT Integration

TAT as defined by the hotel will be integrated in the system and will be the basis for complaint allocation. Complaints being linked with the TAT meter, it becomes imperative for the resolution team to work within the stipulated time, thereby avoiding delays in resolving the concern.

Report Generation and Analysis

Generation and availability of detailed analytical reports at all times. It also provides an analysis of various complaint and resolution trends, failure analysis, time and motion analysis, on-time deliveries, missed TAT cases, etc.

CapEx Planning

The system allows for CapEx planning to be done based on the reports generated and trend analysis done.

KPI Management

Vendor and technical team KPI management, measuring which is at times difficult owing to the lack of a measuring tool, is made possible. Based on the TAT compliance, you can now measure the performance of the resolution team.