TEAMS Food & Beverage Management System

You should focus on delighting your guests. Allow us to figure out how to manage and control costs, raw material and food wastage for you – with the tool that is the best in the business!


Why a business needs the TEAMS Food & Beverage Management System

Huge numbers of guests. Dynamic menus. Fluctuating prices of raw materials. Demand supply speed breakers. And to top it all – the constant pressure to serve only the very best to your guests while at the same time maintaining an eagle-eyed, iron-fisted control on your costs. Managing the F&B function of the hospitality industry is one of the toughest tasks there is.

TEAMS Food & Beverage Management System streamlines the management of all F&B functions of a hotel / restaurant / café. The System allows you to juggle all the many-layered tasks of managing F&B from a customer perspective while at the same time aligning with business goals of time, cost, material and resource efficiency.

TEAMS Food & Beverage Management System is particularly useful for large hotel/ hotel chains that serve breakfast to a large number of guests on a daily basis.


TEAMS Food & Beverage Management System – Key Functionalities
Let us consider an example of daily breakfast management for a large hotel chain.

Meal Based F&B Management

TEAMS Food & Beverage Management System gives you the leverage to manage multiple F&B activities at a time, for instance, breakfast, lunch and dinner. In case of breakfast, TEAMS F&B proves to be an efficient system in order to manage the back-end aspect of buffet breakfasts. The system facilitates a category master option wherein the type of meal is added, and later on, the raw material/ type of beverages are added to the list, along with the number of units required, and the cost incurred per unit.

Item Based F&B Management

This functionality is comprised of the items/ food material to be served at the daily breakfast counter. It includes site/ location-wise selection of the hotel, date and the breakfast type (before breakfast/ after breakfast). The system displays the list in a tabular format including the breakfast item to be included – Yes/ No/ Not Applicable and the projected serving quantity. This is filled up by the chef on-shift and then passed onto the F&B manager. Once the F&B manager approves the request, the request is further processed.

Further, based on the food consumption that happens during a particular day, the chef can plan the next day based on the consumption and wastage report generated by the TEAMS Food & Beverage Management System.
This option also facilitates a food checklist at the bottom of the table.

Standard Food Checks

In order to augment the service and food standards, and ensure that all the standard checks are performed, the System issues an F&B checklist. This checklist includes prime aspects such as garnishes, accompaniments, adherence to menu specifications, flavour, colour, and texture of the food, presentation of the food, hygiene standards, food portions, aesthetics of the food, etc. Based on the user access, one can add and make changes to the checklist.


Report generation forms an integral part of theTEAMS Food & Beverage Management System. Specific and generic reports are useful particularly for HoDs such as the executive chef, F&B manager, etc. The reports generated help the department heads to analyze the data, weekend/ weekday trend analysis, highest consumed food items, etc.


What will you get out of the TEAMS Food & Beverage Management System?

Pure Delight

Delighted guests. Delighted bottom lines. Superb efficiency. Higher ratings. Excellent word-of-mouth. That’s what you get when you apply Facility ManagIntelligence to your F&B processes!