TEAMS Facility Profile


Why a business needs the TEAMS Facility Profile

For large commercial complexes, or facility management companies, it is convenient, and at the same time, crucial to have a one-glance view of the ongoing functions of all the facility management system inducted, status of all the critical equipment, etc. This helps the business owners to seek comprehensive, and ready-to-use live insights for further actions. TEAMS has come up with an end-to-end facility profile system. Know more about the functionalities of TEAMS facility profile.


TEAMS Facility Profile – Key Functionalities

Functions View

TEAMS facility profile enables you to have a one-glance view of the ongoing functions of all the facility management systems such as manpower management, inventory management, and so on. Besides, the system also displays a comparison of the budgeted expenses versus the actual expenses.

Status of Critical Equipment

In order to run the operations in a smooth manner, it is necessary to know the real-time status of all the critical equipment within the premises. TEAMS facility profile displays the live status of all the critical equipment. With this system, you can know which equipment is working, which one is observing a voluntary outage, which one has stopped working, which equipment is under PPM/ AMC, and alike.

Compliance Renewal

Based on the information fed, TEAMS facility profile system will also help you gain a comprehensive view of the list of compliance renewals such as AMC, fire-licenses, and much more, etc.

Escalation Notice

Through TEAMS facility profile, you will be immediately notified of a major escalation that happens within the premises. Not just the latest ones, but it also enables monitoring all the ongoing major escalations at a glance.

Common Area Maintenance

The CAM section of TEAMS facility profile shows you the latest status of CAM invoicing, the payment collections status, pending payment status, and the target collection. Moreover, it also auto calculates the variation to help you know the exact outstanding.

Major Issue View

Besides escalations, the system also displays the list of all the open/ pending major issues. A single screen view will help the user to prioritize these issues.

TEAMS facility profile is available in both, static as well as customized versions. To know more about TEAMS facility profile, write to us at or call us at +91 7767933119.