TEAMS Energy Monitoring System

Here’s to making your business contribute towards a cleaner planet, a lower energy bill and happier bottom lines – with the single most powerful tool in the business: TEAMS Energy Monitoring System!


Why a business needs the TEAMS Energy Monitoring System

Excess consumption of energy is one of the biggest factors that impact the revenues of your business. Every business on the planet today needs to keep a stringent check on energy consumption not only for its own sake, but also for the sake of and energy-stressed planet. Since manual energy monitoring and management may not always be accurate, there is a need to set up an automated energy management system that accomplishes the critical goal of optimal energy consumption.

TEAMS Energy Monitoring System applies Facility ManagIntelligence to the complex task of energy monitoring and management. It delivers an optimised energy ecosystem that makes your business go green – in more ways than one!


TEAMS Energy Monitoring System – Key Functionalities

Monitoring all Energy Types

TEAMS Energy Monitoring System helps you capture energy consumption for all energy forms such as water, fuel, gas, and electricity. Eventually, with accurate monitoring, management and consumption figures, TEAMS helps you save revenue and formulate energy consumption strategies.

Complete Automation

With TEAMS Energy Monitoring System it is possible to automate every measuring unit including generators, chillers, boilers, electricity meters, etc and gain accurate insights on energy consumption and the associated figures.

Automatic Meter Reading

Data Capture Through Mobile App

Through this functionality, it is possible to capture data through an IOS/ Android OS mobile or through automation of site. This eradicates the need for manual data entry process and visualization.

SLD Mapping and Property Mapping

Another vital functionality of TEAMS Energy Monitoring System is the facilitation of SLD (Solid Line Diagram) mapping and property mapping. Through this functionality, we help you determine energy consumption patterns.

Planning and Management

With TEAMS Energy Monitoring System, you can carry out budget planning, benchmarking, and measurements of per capita energy consumption as well as area wise energy consumption. Through these figures, TEAMS Energy Monitoring System will make it possible for you to chalk out a strategy on how to manage energy consumption.

Efficiency Tracking

Efficiency tracking is an important activity since it measures productivity and helps to track a downfall and take necessary steps towards increasing productivity.


Tagging is necessary for identification. TEAMS Energy Monitoring System facilitates QR code and NFC tagging facility for manual data captures.

Mobile App

Through its mobile app, TEAMS Energy Monitoring System helps you track, enter and analyze energy data anytime and anywhere.


What will you get out of the TEAMS Energy Monitoring System?

When you apply Facility ManagIntelligence to monitoring energy consumption, here’s how you benefit!

Excess Utilization Alerts

TEAMS Energy Monitoring System facilitates comparisons on planned consumption versus actual consumption, benchmarked consumption versus actual consumption, per capita and per person consumption, aligned with international standards.

Unmonitored Energy Consumption

TEAMS Energy Monitoring System helps you measure the unmonitored energy consumption. Through this feature, we help you in planning energy consumption and in curbing energy expenses.

Data Automation

With TEAMS Energy Monitoring System you can achieve high data precision levels through automation without any manual intervention; which in turn contributes to informed decision making and therefore better output.

Multiple Site Monitoring

TEAMS Energy Monitoring System is capable of monitoring energy consumption for multiple sites and extracting hourly, daily, weekly and monthly consumption figures through complete automated monitoring.

Dynamic View

TEAMS Energy Monitoring System offers you a dynamic view for the comparison of daily consumption, floor wise consumption, group wise consumption and multiple site consumption. Through TEAMS Energy Monitoring System you will stay updated on all the parameters of energy consumption at any given point in time.

Efficiency Calculation

TEAMS Energy Monitoring System ensures optimal, but prudent usage of equipment like generators, chillers, boilers and other critical machinery through its automated efficiency calculation feature.


TEAMS Energy Monitoring System offers a proficiently designed dashboard that gives you a comprehensive view of areas of concern, opportunity of savings etc. This is useful especially for multiple sites.

Root Cause Analysis

TEAMS Energy Monitoring System helps you to conduct a root cause analysis in events of excess energy consumption, etc. Through this we help you prevent losses resulting out of recurring events.