TEAMS Common Area Maintenance System

The best-in-class tool for your business to monitor, manage and maintain the many common areas that your business has.


Why a business needs TEAMS Common Area Maintenance System

Common area maintenance is popularly known as CAM. It includes areas such as lobbies, corridors, elevators, staircases, clubhouse, library, store rooms, gardens, driveways, parking spaces, roof terrace, play areas, etc.

CAM costs include the below services such as

Common area maintenance is an important area of concern for commercial complexes from the cost as well as convenience point of view. At TEAMS we have applied Facility ManagIntelligence to give you a well-designed, well-equipped common area maintenance system that generates accurate bills with accurate amounts, which is in-turn beneficial and reliable for the tenants as well as the vendors.

The TEAMS Common Area Maintenance System is perfectly suited to meet the requirements of small sized as well as large sized commercial complexes.


TEAMS Common Area Maintenance System – Key Functionalities

Common Area Consumption

TEAMS Common Area Maintenance System auto calculates common area consumption, thus eradicating the need for manual intervention and the consequence of manual errors.

Managing Contracts

The TEAMS Common Area Maintenance System facilitates management of contracts for facility management companies, tenants and also the owners of the property.


Facility budgeting is a significant factor for commercial centres, as facility maintenance costs are considered to be expenses. TEAMS Common Area Maintenance System provides an end-to-end solution by calculating total yearly facility budget for your business.

Common Billing

TEAMS CAM facilitates generation of common area bills for British Thermal Units (BTU), electricity and many other amenities.

Expense and Contract Management

TEAMS CAM is a comprehensive system that not only automates bills and manages the billing but also manages other factors such as manpower expenses and associated contracts. Expense management includes management of bills such as water, gas, security, vendor, electricity, etc. It also manages vendor contracts, property management contracts, security provider contracts, AMCs, parking management contracts, gardening and house-keeping contracts, etc.

Outsourced Cost/ Ongoing Cost

In a common environment, there are many services/ facilities outsourced to vendors. Managing the cost of outsourced jobs and maintaining the relevant records and documentation could be difficult and time-consuming. However, through TEAMS Common Area Maintenance System managing the outsourced cost and the ongoing costs becomes simplified and automated.

Fitout Management

TEAMS CAM manages changes to the interiors, office furniture, lighting and other associated modifications or inductions such as final finishing and branding.


What will you get out of TEAMS Common Area Maintenance?

When you apply Facility ManagIntelligence to your common areas, here’s how you benefit!

TEAMS Common Area Maintenance System focuses on automating as many things as possible. Automation and accuracy are the two most important benefits gained out of this system. But there are many more!

Automated Bill and Invoice Process

The billing and invoicing process is completely automated and comprised of simple work flow. Once the incoming bills such as AMC, water cost electricity BTU cost, operation cost, lease amount, license fees CAM lump sum, license fees lump sum, parking, license fees, HVAC charges, electricity charges, extra hour charges, petty cash are processed/ calculated, system generates an auto invoice and makes it ready to be sent to the tenant with the cover letter. Further, once the attachments are ready, an email is sent to the tenants, post which, the payment is done, and the system notifies the receipt of payment.

CAM also manages outgoing invoices (credit) such as outgoing bills (monthly rental), per square fit maintenance cost of the rented area, security guard invoice, access card charges, service provider bills, extra chiller charges, scrap sales and other service charges.

Manpower Expenses

TEAMS offers another benefit i.e. automated calculation of manpower expenses. Accurate insights on the manpower expenses incurred further help while preparing the budget.

Auto Information

TEAMS Common Area Maintenance System facilitates auto emails as per the chalked-out schedule and when the invoice and bill calculation are done.

Paperless System

TEAMS CAM is based on cloud and is a completely automated system. The generation of invoices, communication with vendors/ clients happens via email/ SMS with the use of technology. Hence, there is not a single paper involved in any of the features offered by the system.

Payment Reminder

TEAMS CAM sends auto alerts/ reminders for payments through email/ SMS.

Outstanding Reports

TEAMS CAM not only automates invoices and bills but also keeps a track and manages the outstanding payment reports. A single report generated gives the property owner/ vendors insights on the defaulters, outstanding from/to date, outstanding amount, etc.

Business Intelligence

Empowering business intelligence is another vital feature of the TEAMS Common Area Maintenance System. TEAMS Common Area Maintenance System offers property owners auto budgeting, auto calculation of expenses related to facilities and utilities. It also facilitates a one-glance comprehensive view of the entire property, wherein the owner can have a look at all the aspects including the costs incurred against various facilities/ utilities, a view of the budget, etc. TEAMS enables automated and accurate calculation of budget of the ongoing year as well helps with budget projection and per square feet calculation for the next year.