TEAMS BTU Management System

TEAMS BTU Management System is a comprehensive tool for complete meter management. It includes aspects such as allocation to various office units, auto-billing, and auto payment collection system.


Why a business needs the TEAMS BTU Management System

In commercial establishments accommodating multiple tenants, it is critical to manage electricity and distribute electricity costs required for centralized cooling to various tenants with BTU.

BTU involves cost, and therefore BTU management is critical for large commercial complexes with commercial units/ shops/ office spaces of varied surface areas.

TEAMS BTU Management System offers you a very comprehensive solution – It has features that help you compute aspects such as BTU consumption, automated BTU readings, BTU invoicing and thus error-free BTU management. Going beyond these immediate and obvious features, it goes the extra mile and offers functionalities that no other system offers.


TEAMS BTU Management System – Key Functionalities

BTU Application Setting

Through BTU Application Setting, the owner can view the spaces/ office units that come under the BTU management system. BTU Application Setting helps you gain a comprehensive single glance information view of the entire building, floor, office, licensee, licensor, etc. registered under BTU billing. Based on the access levels, users can add, modify and delete information as and when required.

Notes Setting

One can add notes based on the building under a large commercial complex. TEAMS BTU Management System facilitates the addition of free-flow text notes.

BTU Cover Letter Setting

TEAMS BTU Management System enables you to make changes/ additions/ deletions to the billing cover letter. Here, the idea is to ensure that the BTU bill is addressed to the right person and the right department. It also shows you the history of changes that have been done, along with the username and the date. This feature proves to be handy in case of organizational/ departmental changes to a particular business/ office. This features also enables the user to set-up the email ID of a client.

BTU Partition Setting

At times, BTUs are shared between two offices/ shops. To know which offices are under shared BTUs, TEAMS BTU Management System offers a feature/ tab called BTU partition setting. This gives the administrator an informative view of the building with the floor number, offices under the shared category on that particular floor, the type of BTU partition (for instance - distributed), and finally a view of the changes done in the past. Access based addition, deletion, edition is also possible.

BTU Meter Set-ups

The BTU meter set-ups of different offices could be of varied types. To manage these differences and meter set-up arrangements, TEAMS BTU Management System offers a BTU meter set-up feature that helps to know the type of meter setting, along with the area type (whether common or office), office numbers, building, occupancy status and the floor number. It also shows the meter name. All the information recorded in this database further helps in automated calculation and generation of bills and ensures that all the offices are billed as per the respective BTU meter set-ups.

BTU Setting

Another vital feature is the BTU Setting. The most important aspect of this functionality is the ‘invoice to’ column, which consists of the person/ entity who is supposed to be invoiced for the meter reading. Access based additions/ deletions/ editions are possible.

BTU Bill Generation

BTU bill generation enables generation of bills in a spreadsheet. It shows the month, year, building, the rate per unit, electrical equivalent factor and finally the status. Other important tabs in this feature are approval, disapproval of the bills, addition, and changes to be done to the bill, as per the access level of the user.

BTU Customer Report Generation

TEAMS BTU Management System enables generation of a comprehensive BTU customer report that includes parameters such as meter number, building, premises, month, units consumed, and the amount payable. Through this feature, the requestor can also print the report.

BTU Invoicing

BTU Invoicing involves a number of important aspects associated with overall BTU Management. Besides the basic parameters such as building, floor, block, etc. one can generate a report for the BTU approved/ disapproved invoices. Besides, the report also shows the status of payment in different color codes, for instance - green may stand for full payment, yellow may indicate partial payment while black may refer to outstanding/ pending payment. One can also generate, print, edit, delete invoices and, print cover letters. Moreover, changing the billing entity/ invoice receiver is also possible. These additional functionalities are confined to specific users with specific access levels.

Another additional feature offered through this functionality is the auto follow up for payment. Follow up happens through the system. The user does not have to make a manual follow up or manually initiate a follow up. Further, this functionality helps in generating a BTU ledger report as well.

BTU Document Upload

In order to record and safeguard compliance proofs and approval documents, it is necessary for the business owner/ administrator to upload all such BTU documents. One can view the entire list of documents uploaded to the system through the BTU document upload feature.


What will you get out of TEAMS BTU Management System?

When you apply Facility ManagIntelligence to your BTUs, here’s how you benefit!

Comprehensive overview

Large, complex facilities have complex BTU arrangements. The TEAMS BTU Management System gives you a single-window, comprehensive overview of the BTU structures and their usage.


Generating accurate bills, sending them to the correct addressees, making auto follow ups, ensuring accuracy of BTU document uploads – the TEAMS BTU Management System gives you accurate information and accurate actionable inputs for all your requirements in terms of BTU Management.

Improved efficiencies

A BTU is a cost. And an optimally managed, monitored and analyzed BTU directly converts into optimal efficiencies in BTU reading, billing and compliance management. Which in turn, translates into improved efficiencies for the entire business.