TEAMS Audit Management System

TEAMS Audit Management System is the one-stop solution for businesses to leverage the advantages of comprehensively well-planned, managed and analysed audits.


Why a business needs the TEAMS Audit Management System

Audits are opportunities for your business to closely examine all your processes, identify any loopholes and then strategise actions to close the loopholes. TEAMS Audit Management System plans your audits, manages and addresses the complexities in your processes, and ensures that you achieve optimal efficiency in your entire auditing ecosystem – cancelling out human error, replacing it withFacility ManagIntelligence! The great advantage to your business is that the TEAMS Audit Management System ensures greatly increased efficiencies in costs as well as time and resources.


TEAMS Audit Management System – Key Functionalities

Unlimited Checklist and Check Points

TEAMS Audit Management System allows unlimited checklist and checkpoints’ uploads. Plus, you can also add an infinite number of documents in different formats to the audit record through this system.

52-Week Yearly Planner

The System facilitates a 52-week schedule planner that manages and helps you arrange future audits. Through this facility, you can schedule all types of audits throughout your organization.

Auto Messaging and Alerts

Once an audit is planned, the concerned people are sent an automated SMS/ email informing them about the audit details, scheduled time, scheduled changes, and scheduled cancellations. The system also sends an automated alert to all the concerned as per the pre-set schedule.


TEAMS Audit Management System facilitates the generation of comprehensive reports. These reports generate usable data in the form of details of all past audits, observations of a particular audit, whether recurring, attendees, auditors, etc. In a nutshell, the System allows you to analyze audit data in an efficient manner.


What will you get out of TEAMS Audit Management System?

When you apply Facility ManagIntelligence to your audits, here’s how you benefit!


At TEAMS we understand the difference between the requirements of each client. Hence, our team of experts ensures that we design and deliver a system that matches your unique requirements. A customized application allows you to add/ modify and remove features based on your needs.

Mobile App

TEAMS Audit Management System is available through a user-friendly, compatible, and easy-to-navigate mobile app. This means that you can access it whenever you want to, wherever you need to.


Give your business the incomparable advantage of reducing cost and time overruns, plug the gaps, cover loopholes, become better prepared for more accurate forecasting – all with TEAMS Audit Management System.