TEAMS Asset Management System

The best-in-class solution for all businesses that are looking to gain the incomparable business advantage of an asset that lives up to its full potential!


Why a business needs the TEAMS Asset Management System

Asset management refers to the development, maintenance, up- gradation and disposal of assets utilized in different activities of the organization.

Assets are valuable belongings of an organization. However, due to flaws in the manner in which their utilization and maintenance is managed, assets more than often turn into cost centres. It is critical for the bottom line of any business to have an optimally utilized, maintained and functioning asset. However, given the nature of most contemporary businesses, managing asset utilization and maintenance is a complex, many-layered, often multi location job.

Which is where the TEAMS Asset Management System comes to the rescue. It is complete, comprehensive Facility ManagIntelligence applied to your Asset!


TEAMS Asset Management System – Key Functionalities

Asset Maintenance

Your sites have multiple assets, possibly across multiple locations. TEAMS Asset Management System manages the maintenance of all site assets in order to positively impact up-time, efficiency and costs.

Grouping and Sub-Grouping of Assets

TEAMS Asset Management facilitates site wise creation of asset groups and sub-groups. Grouping and sub-grouping happens through a 4 level configurable hierarchical tree.

Asset tracking with warranty, vendor, manufacture, service provider, model number and serial number is another feature.

Preventive Maintenance

This feature of TEAMS Asset Management system enables businesses to:

Maintenance Schedule

The system assists with preparation of a schedule for maintenance activities for all the assets covered under the system. It also sets up automated reminders for maintenance activities.

Calendar Views

TEAMS Asset Management enables provision of a dynamic calendar and auto creation of a 52 week calendar for maintenance activity.

Maintenance Checklist

TEAMS Asset Management system provides a comprehensive 52 week checklist for maintenance of a variety of assets.


TEAMS Asset Management system enables automation for various machines and equipment.

Mobile App

The TEAMS Asset Management System can also be accessed via a mobile app with a provision for NFC tags and QR code scanning.


The TEAMS Asset Management System facilitates creation and generation of tickets for engineering requests. Besides this, the System also facilitates tracking for active, reactive, breakdown and maintenance work.

Inventory Consumption

With TEAMS Asset Management System you can record inventory consumption for breakdown and maintenance activities.

Work Permits

TEAMS Asset Management System assists with a provision of issuing work permits for health and safety and activities involving high risks.

Asset Coding

TEAMS Asset Management System also facilitates asset coding with the help of QR code for fixed as well as movable assets, which further helps in tracking and monitoring all kinds of assets. This is beneficial and convenient from the point of view of financial accounting, preventive maintenance, etc.


What will you get out of TEAMS Asset Management System?

When you apply Facility ManagIntelligence to your assets, here’s how you benefit!

Asset optimization through lifecycle tracking

Optimize the utility and maintenance of your assets with TEAMS Asset Management. The System closely monitors and tracks all your assets through their lifecycle thereby significantly reducing downtime as well as increasing all asset efficiencies.

Cost Efficiency

Downtime, repair, replacement – all of these are bugbears when it comes to the bottom lines of your business. Meeting time commitments is also a critical component of your client satisfaction indices. TEAMS Asset Management System empowers you to significantly control the costs of managing and maintaining your assets; and at the same time, bring about significant improvement in client satisfaction, which in turns positively impacts cost efficiency.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

TEAMS Asset Management facilitates a reduction in the costs involved in Annual Maintenance Contracts. Besides, the system also provides site wise equipment AMC details, reminders and schedule. So you are always on the winning side when it comes to your varied AMCs.

Auto Escalation

Through TEAMS Asset Management, the system raises an auto-escalation for the failure or breakdown of critical equipment. This is an invaluable feature, since you save valuable time, money, costs and resources post a breakdown.

Vendor Management

With TEAMS Asset Management you can maintain and monitor key performance indicators (KPI) for asset vendors and suppliers. Such a mechanism enables your business to achieve optimum results out of your vendors/ suppliers. This eventually contributes towards improved work flow and better business efficiencies.

Data Accuracy

TEAMS Asset Management helps you achieve high standards of data accuracy and consistency without any manual intervention. And all of us know, knowledge is power, data is king!